Commercial Aircon Rental

Airconditioning installation, Ventilation systems rental Gauteng

Require A/C units but have a budget/cashflow problem, no problem – our rental offering can solve your requirements.
  • Replacement of redundant or A/C units beyond repair – we have the solutions.
  • As a developer your building requires a revamp and the A/C units are costing a fortune to run – our rental now frees up your capital that can be used elsewhere.
  • Your tenant requires A/C units but has no budget, no worries – we have the flexibility to accommodate you.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your A/C equipment is fully maintained with extended suppliers warranties not being compromised.
  • Now you have flexibility, peace of mind and options for your next commercial project.
By leasing your equipment, you will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Cash flow benefit and preservation.
  • Smooth cash flow helps with affordability
  • No lump sum payment means that you are able to use your core business or invest in appreciating assets.
  • Off balance sheet
  • Lease payments are listed as operating expenses (OPEX) and therefore, no liabilities are reflected on your balance sheets.
  • Removing the hassle factor as we will do all the necessary running around to facilitate credit approvals.
  • No impact on your existing credit facilities.
  • We are able to source funding from alternative funders.
  • VAT is payable monthly and claimed monthly.
  • All lease payments are tax deductible.
  • Lease periods can be aligned to warranty periods.
  • Upgrades driven by technology is easy, ensuring obsolescence risk is minimized.

Please be advised that, upon expiry of the rental agreement by effluxion of time and provided that you have fulfilled the obligations in terms of the agreement, we will give you the option to purchase the equipment, which is the subject matter of the rental agreement, for an amount equal to two month’s rental.